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Scholarship Applications

Running Start Student

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**Previous winners of the McChord Spouses Club Scholarships ARE welcome to apply and eligible to receive the McChord Thrift Shop Scholarships, granted they meet the requirements below.**

1. Learning Initiative Superior Academic (LISA) Running Start award will be offered to legal dependents* of:

A. Active duty Air Force personnel stationed in the local area** or on assignment to any unaccompanied remote tour where the family resides in the local area**

B. Retired Air Force personnel residing in the local area**

C. Deceased Air Force personnel whose family resides in the local area**

D. Air Force Reservists and Air National Guard assigned to McChord Field

* A dependent for scholarship purposes is defined as a currently unmarried natural child, an adopted child, or a stepchild, who has not passed his/her 19th birthday. Applicants must be authorized dependent privileges and possess a valid dependent ID card.

**Local area is defined as up to and including a 40-mile radius of the main gate of McChord Field.

2. The applicant must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to be eligible.

3. Applicant must submit a copy of a completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form once notified of award

4. The applicant must plan to attend an accredited two or four-year University, college or tech college on a part time or full time basis as part of the Washington State Running Start program. Part time is defined as taking a minimum of 10 credits hours per term in college. Full time is defined as taking a minimum of 15 Credit hours per term in college.

5. Students may win a maximum of two LISA awards. A second award of the LISA award requires applicants to be full time enrolled in a two or four-year University or College in Running Start

6. Applicants awarded the LISA Running Start award may apply for other OSMA scholarship awards following the completion of Running Start since this award recognizes superior academic initiative while attending High school.

7. NOTE: Applicants who have previously submitted application packages, regardless of whether or not they were awarded a scholarship, must re-submit all required information.